Printable PDF Stand

PDF Stand

This short tutorial will show you how to build a CardSplice stand from a printable PDF.
  • Printer
  • Card stock
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Approximatley 10 minutes of time
It is recommened that you go through this tutorial once for one stand, and then repeat the tutorial for the second stand instead of doing both stands at once. This way, if you make a mistake, you can correct this on the second go around.

Step 1 - Download & Print PDF
Make sure you are printing the PDF on card stock. The thicker the card stock the better as it adds to the stability and longevity of the stands.

Print out two coppies. One of the stands will hold the phone and the other stand will hold the Magic the Gathering cards.
Step 2 - Cut Out
Cut out the stand by cutting along all the black solid lines.

On the lines that go into the stand, make sure you stop cutting when you reach the end of the line and the beginning of the dotted line.
Step 3 - Fold Everything
All the dotted lines represent a fold you need to make. Ignore the numbers next to the dotted lines for now, and just go through and make a fold on every single dotted line. It is easiest to make ALL the folds first, and then go back and refold and apply the tape.

There are two types of folds you will be making: Front folds, and Back Folds. See below for a descriptions.
Front Folds
These folds are indicated by two arrows pointing away from the dotted line. When looking at the front of the paper you want to fold so the back of the paper is touching itself and the front is visible.
Back Folds
These folds are indicated by two arrows pointing towards the dotted line. When looking at the front of the paper you want to fold towards you so the front of the paper touches itself.
Folds are Done
When you are done making all the folds you should have something that looks like the picture. Next we will be folding again and apply the tape.
Step 4 - Fold & Tape the Rectangular Tube
Now we are going to be paying attention to the numbers next to the folds and making the folds in order. Find numbers 1 and 2 (you may have to look at the backside of the paper) and make sure those folds have a nice crease.

Next fold (kinda roll) 5 through 9 so that the flap tucks back in under fold 5 creating a rectangluar tube (see picture).
Look at the backside of the paper and find the number 10 on the bottom of the rectangular tube you just folded. Place one side of a peice of tape over 10 and the other side on the otherside of the paper holding the rectangle in place (see picture).
Step 5 - Fold & Tape the Sides
Start by folding 11 through 18 and slide fold 18 so both sides of the paper are touching (see picture).

This should create a triangle like struture for the side (see side view picture).
Turn the stand on its side and make sure all the flaps are in the correct order (see picture). Then place a piece of tape over 19 and secure all 3 flaps together. The first side is done!
Now follow all the same steps you did above for the other side. When you are done the bottom of the stand should look like the picture. The green boxes are where there should be tape attaching all the flaps. Feel free to add more tape for more stability.
What the front of the stand should look like.
Step 6 - Slide in the Tray
This step takes a bit of finesse. Fold down the flap that is connected to the rectangular tube and slide it under the side (see picture).
Make sure to slide the tray under each side. In the next step we will tape it into place.
Step 7 - Tape Down the Flaps
On each side fold down the flaps and then tape down each flap to hold the tray into place. (see pictures)
Step 7 - Done!
Make sure you make 2 stands, one for the phone and one for the cards.

You are all set to use CardSplice. Now go and conquer!!