Magic Card Stand

Magic Card Stand

Short tutorial on building a CardSplice stand using Magic the Gathering Cards.
This short tutorial will show you how to build two CardSplice stands using Magic The Gathering Cards. One stand will hold the phone running the CardSplice application and one stand will hold the cards. Each stand takes 4 magic cards to build, which means you will need 8 magic cards total (math!).

Each step will show the back of a Magic The Gathering card, and have white dotted lines showing where you should cut. Each white dotted line will require two cuts. The first cut should be along the left side of the line and the second cut should be very close to the first and on the right side of the line. After both cuts you should have made a gap about the width of a credit card. The gap is important because this is how the magic cards will slide together.

It is recommended that you go through this tutorial once for one stand, and then repeat the tutorial for the second stand instead of doing both stands at once. This way, if you make a mistake or the first cards don't fit exactly, you can correct this on the second go around.

*Note : Use cards you don't care about. Nobody wants to see a cut up foil Tarmogoyf.
Step 1 - Back
This card will be used as the back of the card stand. Notice the cuts are at an angle. This is so the sides slide in at an angle and create a funnel-like effect when loading the cards.

Pay close attention to where on the magic card the cut should start and the cut should stop. The more accurate the cuts, the more accurate the stand will fit together.

Remember two cuts per line to make a gap about the width of a credit card.
Step 2 - Bottom
This card will be used as the bottom of the stand.

You should only cut along the green dotted lines on the phone stand. These cuts are to make small flaps that you want to fold up and they will help hold the phone in place. These cuts are a bit tricky since they are in the middle of the card so be careful.
Step 3 - Sides
You want to make these cuts on two cards. One card will be the left side and one card will be the right side.

Look at the picture to see where to slide in the back card and where to slide in the bottom card from previous steps.
Step 4 - Pinch
After you have assembled the stand (see step 5 for a finished picture), you will want to turn the stand so the back is facing you and pinch / bend the sides. This bend will add extra stability to the stand.
Step 5 - All Done!
You did it! Now make sure you make one of these stands for the phone and one stand for the cards.

You are all set to use CardSplice. Now go and conquer!!